Who hasn´t asked themself, when you drink a milkshake from a fast-food restaurant, what is in this shake? Is it healthy? If not: what is a healthy option?

They are, in comparison, easy and fast to make.

You will find the answer to these questions in this blog post.


Fast Food-Shake What is really inside the drink?

One little vanilla shake

Nutritional information                    100g             portion

Unhealthy shake, Jens Rybarczyk

Fast food shake, Jens Rybarczyk

Carbolic value in Kcal                    481               775

Carbohydrates                               20g               32g

Protein                                            3g                 5g

Fat                                                  4g                 5g

Saturated fats                                 2g                 3g

Sugar                                              16g               26g


If you look at these values, you realize straight away that the substantials are sugar and fast carbohydrates. This is bad, because these components make people lazy and fat.

So what does a cheap and healthy choice look like?

The Low Fat Shake, Jens Rybarczyk

The Low Fat Shake, Jens Rybarczyk

The Low Fat Shake

Although this shake has 500-700 kcal, it is enough for two meals and you are not hungry for 3-4 hours.

The basic ingredients

Oat flakes 3-4 Tablespoons

A healthy shake, Jens Rybarczyk

A healthy shake, Jens Rybarczyk

Milk 200 ml

Flaxseed 1-2 Tablespoons

Low-fat quark 250grams





Cocos zest


The shake is really simple to make. All that you need is a mixer. Put all the ingredients into the mixer. Wait until the mixer is finished. Before you start, don´t forget to close the cap of the mixer.

If you haven’t got a mixer you can use a hand-held blender.

The advantage is: You can decide the flavour yourself every time. Your fantasy does not have to have limits

Try the difference between a shake from a fast food restaurant and the low fat shake yourself. You will be surprised.

Jens Rybarczyk


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