When you talk about the “global power” at first you think about the USA and Russia. In the last nearly 100 Years these two countries have determined the world with their force. But the world is going to change.

Can you guess the “secret global power”, it will be a little bit complicated.

At first China will come to mind. 1,351 milliard humans live in China. That’s really a great power of human force but China isn’t the real secret global power, trust in me.

I have the real „SECRET GLOBAL POWER“ for you!

An animate being with 100 quadrillion community members!


Ants have colonized almost all the landmasses on Earth.

They are direct or indirect herbivores, scavengers (biological pest control agents), predators, and amazingly they can defend themselves. Do you know another animate being, which has these characteristics?

All persons commissions there live for the queen and their own nation.

All ants together build a global power, in one year they consume more animals than all other carnivores.

The build of an ant admits to materials handling the more than the 100-magnification. Some species can survive 34-magnification gravity acceleration, others can up to 4 minutes viability under the water and can swim.

Ants communicate between themselves with chemical, they don’t need words.

Ants form colonies that range in size from a few dozen predatory individuals living in small natural cavities to highly organized colonies that may occupy large territories. Larger colonies, sometimes with millions of individuals, consist mostly of “workers”, “soldiers”, “drones” and one or more fertile females called “queen”. The colonies are sometimes described as superorganisms because the ants appear to operate as a unified entity, collectively working together to support the colony.

André Foppe


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