In the Leipziger Zoo you can dip into different themed worlds. There is the Pongoland, the continents of Asia, Africa, South America and the Gondwanaland.

I want to give you some information about the Gondwanaland and show you how wonderful it looks.

Your trip starts in a volcanic tunnel. Here you can see living fossils such as the lungfish or the horseshoe crab. The dot bag marten is a night active animal which lives in the dark tunnel. It is a sensation because you cannot find it in any other zoo outside Australia.

When you come out of the tunnel you have a feeling of being in a rainforest. You can walk on the jungle paths and look through the ferns and palms at the animals. From the suspension bridge in the middle of the Gondwanaland you have a fantastic panorama view.

You can drive in a boat through a tunnel and experience the excitement of time travel. Afterwards the boat drives through the rainforest and you can see a close up of the exotic plants with their wonderful colors. More than 17,000 plants are there. They came a long way from Thailand, Malaysia and Florida. The tropical garden is now home to 60 different exotic fruits and spices.

In the rainforest of South America there is a lot going on. There are climbing squirrel monkeys on an island while next to them iguanas lie in the sun. Lazy slothes are hanging in the trees and the ocelots roam through the foliage.

In the Africa section the animals live together almost as if at home. The pigmy hippos and diana monkeys share an enclosure close to the waterfall. Near them the owl-faced monkeys live together with dik diks and the smallest antelope from Africa.

The most tropical temperature is in the Asia jungle. A komodo dragon, the only one of its kind in Germany, lives here. In the middle of this jungle section you can see the highly endangered Sunda-Gaviale, which belongs to the crocodile family.

The roof is a big glass dome and consists of a steel case. The roof lets 100 % UV rays through which the animals and plants need. It has a height of 34 meters, enough for life in the jungle. The heat is stored in a big tank to reuse in the night.

I took the pictures when I visited the Gondwanaland. I hope I can encourage you to visit the zoo. You can stay there all day long because there is so much to see.

Have a nice day and enjoy!

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