Two years ago I went to Schleswig Holstein with my husband on holiday. We rented a holiday house in a little village near Friedrichstadt. The village is called Süderstapel, it lies on the Eider river. The house was lovely and I fell in love with a housemate. However my husband wasn’t jealous  because he found him very charming too. The name of the donkey was Edwin. He woke up the village with his emotional outbursts when he was happy. We enjoyed going by bus to Friedrichstadt. The history of Friedrichstadt is very interesting.

The city of Friedrichstadt is located in the area north of Friesland between the rivers Eider and Treene. Friedrichstadt was founded in 1621 by Dutch Remonstranten. The Remonstranten  (lat.remonstare “to reject”) were  a religious community. In the 17th century they wanted to separate from the evangelical church and to leave the Netherlands. The town became a centre of trade under Duke Friedrich the First. The houses with stair gables in the style of the Dutch renaissance and the canals remind you of the Netherlands.

The atmosphere is also very nice. There are many small stores. Our favorite store was a coffee shop with coffee specialties- for example coffee nut, coffee with advocat , coffee with whisky and still more. We ate fresh fish from the Eider in a fish restaurant. It was delicious. This was one of the wonderful days in our vacation. We love the Schleswig Holstein region.   It is always interesting.

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