BärchenMy name is Bärchen and I am 9 years old. I am a guinea pig. I live in a wonderful family in a very very large house (my cage) and always have something to do.

I get up in the morning and the first thing I do is to stretch. Then I come out of my house and start to squeal and whistle to wake everybody up. Aleyna, my best friend, comes and takes me out straight away and cuddles me and give me my favourite food to eat. For example: cucumber, tomato, grapes, strawberry, chicoree or many other goodies.

Bärchen in the Barbie CoachThen I go back home or maybe I drive a round in my Barbie Coach. At lunch I take a nap and recover from the morning. I get up and move around a little and eat hay and drink water. In the evening Aleyna comes back and lets me jog outside. After that I have my fresh dinner served on Aleyna’s lap. After an hour has passed I go to sleep in my bed.

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