ImageOnline-shopping is a modern, easy way to buy things. When you want to buy something special like a TV you can compare price offers on internet-pages like “idealo” or “preisvergleich”. It helps you to find the best offer for your budget and requirements. Online shopping has a lot of advantages. It does not take as much time to find the right article as when you go real-shopping. You can relax on your couch while you search for different goods. You can read descriptions and have a look at pictures of the goods.

Payment options

You have different options to pay your internet order. The first is to pay with your credit card. For this you have to fill in your account details. Then the amount is debited from your account. I think this is not the safest way of paying. The next option is to use payment on delivery. With this payment method you have to pay cash to the deliverer. This is the safest way because you only pay for the goods when you have them in your hand. But you have to pay extra charges for this service.

When is it better to go real shopping and when is it better to buy online?

When you want to buy something like clothes I think it is better to go to a shop and try it on so that you can see if it looks good and you are sure that you choose the right size. And you get advice from the salesperson that can help you to decide. When you know exactly what you want to buy like an electronic product I think you should buy it on the internet. Often you can save a lot of money. But the risk is that you can get fake products or bad quality products. When you buy something in a shop you have a place to go if something is not ok. In the internet it is often a little bit complicated because there are many fraudsters whose identities are concealed.

How about buying from a reputable company and phishing attacks

When you buy something from a reputable company you have the security on your side. I am talking about sites like “Amazon” and so on. Another popular supplier is “Ebay”. But there is a difference between them. Everyone can create a sales account on the Ebay site. The concept of “Ebay” is based on a customers vote system. Every customer has to give his vote the supplier or a private the salesperson. So a salesperson or a shop collect vote stars for quality and service like delivery time, contact to the supplier and the product quality. Moreover you can read comments written from other costumers and their experiences with the supplier.

But internet shopping can also contain dangers. For example: You get an E-Mail and you are required to fill in your account details in an online form and they require your account information. This is a trick. The people behind such E-Mails are criminal. They take money from your account and it is very difficult to catch those criminals. This trick is called “phishing”.

So when you want to hold on to your money it is better to buy only from suppliers that are reputable and never fill in your account information by email. But if you observe the rules and you are careful in what you are doing when internet shopping I can recommend this way of modern shopping. So be careful and enjoy the advantages of technology.


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